Attraction Black Light Theatre was the first – and still the only one – to create and promote „Black Theatre” style dance theatre productions in Hungary.

Founder and  leader of Attraction Black Light Theatre Zoltan Szucs has been selected as the "FRESH” 21st century Culture Figure within "The Year 2009 of Cultural Tourism in Hungary” says:” According to my opinion and experience gathered from various audiences, visual culture is becoming an increasingly significant element for contemporary people and youth. All my new endeavours are aimed to develop this culture in the course of my artistic activities. This purpose is excellently served by Attraction Black Light Theatre Entertainment thanks to our concise nature and modernity based on traditions.” (Hungarian Tourism Ltd.”Itthon Láss Csodát” publication)

Our Company has been fulfilling assignments by various firms from the beginning. (2004)

We provide 100% technical preparedness, several stage systems and installations, are own choice of equipment and costumes. We have had a large number of performances and orders for individual creative shows. 

Our Theatre has 12 members including a wide scale of contemporary dance artists, modern folk dancers, ballet dancers, hip hop, electric boogie, break dancers and jugglers. These artists and our choreographer Zoltan Szűcs guarantee a high standard performance. Their work and choreography are characterised by high standard and maximum commitment coupled with professional performance. They work with incredible accuracy, full concentration and the visual image dazzles the audience. The accord between visual image and music, the several- year experience in the use of theatrical equipment, body awareness and mutual tolerance all contribute to the magic of production. Watching them, we can observe that each second has its weight, we can eyewitness a breathtaking picture of team work. Each performance has been rated as extremely successful. The Company has been recognised by several countries of the world.